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The Francis Crick Institute is dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease. This state of the art biomedical research facility brings together 1500 scientists and support staff working collaboratively across disciplines and encourages both scientists and the general public to find out more about what goes on inside through a range of tours and seminars. UCL staff can also host their own events at the Crick


If you are a UCL staff member or student and would like to visit the Crick we can arrange a tour for you. They generally take place on Wednesday afternoons and we try to get a group together rather than organise on an individual basis so there may be a short wait before it happens. To let us know you're interested, email Crick enquiries from a UCL email address.

Inside the Francis Crick Institute Atrium

Seminars and events

The Crick arranges a wide range of events for everyone! Their extensive programme of seminars, lectures and symposia aims to share knowledge with the scientific community. An exciting range of public events and exhibitions are open to all to get you engaged whatever your background. 

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Medicine at the Crick

The Medicine at the Crick event series showcases major advances in biomedical science and raises awareness of the medical implications of major scientific advances amongst the Crick and wider UK biomedical community. Each event comprises a series of short talks, one or two keynote lectures and a panel discussion.

Neuroimmunology of the gut: new directions and new challenges

Thursday 20 June 2019, 14:15-19:00

The fourth event in the series, Neuroimmunology of the gut: new directions and new challenges, will review recent advances in understanding the cross-talk between the immune system of the gut and the local nervous system and how it contributes to intestinal homeostasis and host defence. The event will also report ground-breaking studies on the roles of the microbiota and the tissue environment of the gut in brain function. In addition to presenting exciting breakthroughs that advance our fundamental understanding of neuro-immune communication, the symposium will also highlight emerging challenges and opportunities in translating experimental progress into clinical science and designing novel therapeutic strategies for the benefit of patients.

The event will be hosted by Dr Vassilis Pachnis from the Crick and the keynote lecture will be given by Prof Dr Guy Boeckxstaens from KU Leuven. Other speakers include Dr David Artis (Cornell University), Dr Daniel Mucida (The Rockefeller University), Dr Franze Progatzky (The Francis Crick Institute), Dr Thomas Fung (University of California, Los Angeles) and Prof Dr Marco Prinz (University of Freiburg).

For more information and the full programme for the event, please visit the Crick website and to register at eventbrite for the event

Host your event at the Crick

Interested in hosting an event at the Crick? UCL staff can hold meetings at the Crick on weekdays and medium to large scale events at the Crick on Mondays and Tuesday, subject to availability.

Please note that the Crick will pass on all direct event costs, including venue hire, AV support, furniture hire if required, and catering.

If you would like to enquire about hosting an event at the Crick, please contact the Crick Events Team for further information on the types of spaces available to hire.