Dr Ravi Das

Ravi Das

Research Associate

Address: Room 435, 1-19 Torrington Place
Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London WC1E 7HB 

Email: ravi.das@ucl.ac.uk

Research interests:

My primary research aims to develop better treatments for substance use disorders through the translation of basic research in neural plasticity to human drug users. Particularly, I focus on the manipulation of maladaptive memories with ‘cognitive enhancers’ and via the process of memory reconsolidation. This refers to the temporary destabilisation of memories following retrieval, making them amenable to pharmacological disruption or behavioural updating. Within this context, I am studying modulators of the NMDA receptor, B-adrenergic receptor, cannabinoid receptors and epigenetic mechanisms as potential therapeutics. I also research the effects of drugs more generally on cognitive and emotional processes, particularly with regards to their potential harms and benefits in psychiatric disorders.

Recent Grants:

Reconsolidation and Memory Interference Toolkit (ReMIT) Identifying how to destabilise and overwrite maladaptive alcohol memories.
MRC project grant (November 2014 – November 2017)

This grant aims to establish reliable means for measuring the occurrence of maladaptive memory destabilisation following recall in hazardous drinkers. It also aims to establish the efficacy of a pharmacological and behavioural intervention following memory retrieval in weakening and updating these maladaptive memories, respectively. It is hoped the research will contribute significantly to the successful development of reconsolidation-based interventions in maladaptive memory processes for substance use disorders.

Internal Collaborators External Collaborators
Prof Val Curran Celia Morgan (University of Exeter, UK)
Dr Sunjeev Kamboj Prof Merel Kindt (University of Amsterdam)
Dr Tom Freeman  
Will Lawn  
Dr James Bisby  
Prof Chris Brewin  
Dr Leun Otten  
Dr Brigitta Brandner  
Dr Antonio Lazzarino  

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