Researchers Directly Involved in Surfaces Research

Dr Ian Crawford - Lunar surface geology, multispectral mapping, sample analysis

Dr Pete Grindrod - Mars surface mineralogy - sulfates, water on Mars

Dr Gerald Roberts - Tectonics of the martian surface 

Dr Charlie Bristow - Sedimentology - working with Ellen Stofan on Titan lake sediments and dunes

Dr Adrian Jones - Planetary volcanism and impact cratering - worked on Venusian canali, runs UCL planetary field course to the Ries impact crater in Germany

Prof. Karen Hudson-Edwards - Mineralogy - martian sulfates and organic biomarkers

Dr Louise Alexander - Lunar mineralogy - meteorites and returned samples

Dr Jennifer Harris - Martian meteorites, Mars analogues, VNIR mineral spectroscopy, PanCam.

Postgraduate students

Abigail Calzada-Diaz - Source regions of lunar meteorites 

Joel Davis - Geomorphology and sedimentary geology of Mars; Ancient martian fluvial and deltaic systems; Inverted terrain on the Earth and Mars; DTM generation of terrestrials planets and moons; Ancient ocean basins and tectonic reconstructions

Recent Alumni

Dr Dominic Fortes (Icy body surfaces - and interior - mineralogy, application of ice physics to geological processes)

Dr Lewis Dartnell (Astrobiology - role of irradiation in habitability of planetary surfaces)

Dr Claire Cousins (Astrobiology - involved with ExoMars Pancam looking for biosignatures)

Dr Lucy Norman (supervised by Dominic Fortes & Ian Crawford - study of liquid hydrocarbon 'geochemistry' on Titan, and applicability to habitability)

Dr Lottie Davis (supervised by Ian Crawford - astrobiological study of alkaline lake environments)

Dr Joshua Snape (supervised by Ian Crawford - lunar meteorite and sample analysis)

Dr Shoshana Weider (supervised by Ian Crawford - studied lunar mineralogy, now at Carnegie)

Dr Katie Joy (supervised by Ian Crawford - studied lunar mineralogy, now at the Lunar and Planetary Institute)

Dr Oliver White (supervised by John Guest and Ellen Stofan - studied Mars and Venus geology, now at the Lunar and Planetary Institute)

Dr Joyce Vetterlein (supervised by Gerald Roberts - studied Mars geology and topography, faulting and role of water)

Dr Terry Hackwill (supervised by John Guest - lunar geology - recently completed a contract to study ESA lunar landing sites with Ian Crawford)

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