Public engagement

Scientists and engineers in the Centre for Planetary Sciences offer public and school talks on a wide variety of subjects that are accessible to a range of audiences. Most of our speakers have their own websites with detailed lists of the talks that they provide. A selection of these are provided below. Please feel free to visit their websites or contact speakers directly to book a talk/visit.

  • Prof. Ian Crawford - planetary science and space exploration, especially lunar exploration, astrobiology (the search for life in the universe) [Web].
  • Prof. Andrew Coates - planetary science and exploration, space weather, planetary images, unmanned exploration [Web / Twitter].
  • Dr Geraint Jones - planetary science and exploration, planetary magnetospheres -interactions with rings and moons, comet- and dust-solar wind interactions, Cassini-Huygens and Rosetta space missions [Web / Twitter].
  • Geraint is also an STFC Public Engagement Fellow (2016-2019). His project Astrojots uses cartoons to explain space and astronomy concepts. All the strips are free to reproduce for personal and educational use [Web / Twitter / Facebook]
  • Prof. Giovanna Tinetti - exoplanets, atmospheric and planetary science, space missions [Web].

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