CPS Planetary Mission Involvement


NASA/ESA/ASI Saturn orbiter/Titan lander, 1997-present; CAPS-ELS instrument

Cassini-Huygens. Credit: NASA/JPL

Mars Express

ESA Mars orbiter, 2003-present; ASPERA-3 and HRSC instruments

Mars Express. Credit: ESA/MediaLab


ESA comet rendezvous and landing, 2004-present, RPC instruments

Rosetta. Credit: ESA

Venus Express

ESA Venus orbiter, 2005-present; ASPERA-4 instruments                               

Venus Express. Credit: ESA/AOES/MediaLab

Past Missions


Future Missions

Europa Jupiter System Mission. Credit: ESA/NASA/M. Carroll

Other CPS Missions with Planetary Science output


ESA X-ray observatory, launch 1999; OM + RGS instruments; Survey Science Centre

XMM-Newton. Credit: ESA/D. Ducros


NASA gamma ray burst satellite, launch 2004; UVOT instrument

Swift. Credit: NASA


NASA twin solar/heliospheric observers, launch 2006; SECCHI instrument

STEREO. Credit: NASA/J. Friedlander

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