The Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health brings philosophers together with political scientists, epidemiologists, health economists, lawyers and doctors to examine a wide range of ethical and political problems of health and wellbeing in society. Our research is organised around four main themes:  

1. Evaluation and measurement of health and wellbeing. This theme focuses on how health and wellbeing should be measured for public policy purposes, and on the fair distribution of health resources.

2. Public health and global health ethics. This theme focuses on the nature, justification and limits of duties to protect health. Subthemes include health inequities, the human right to health, the ethics of health promotion and communicable disease ethics.

3. Bioethics. Our bioethics theme examines ethical and legal issues in healthcare research and practice. Subthemes include research ethics, the role and limits of consent, mental capacity, neuroethics and the ethical implications of new technologies.

4. Social justice and public policy. This theme examines key public policy challenges – including retirement, indebtedness, and urban planning through the lens of political philosophy.

Our research aims to combine practicality with the highest levels of theoretical rigour. Outputs include policy reports and interventions as well as conventional academic articles and books.

Researching with CPJH

To discuss research grant collaborations or consultancy with the Centre, please contact James Wilson. If you would like to apply to do a PhD, please contact James Wilson if your proposed topic fits into themes 1, 2 or 4, or Sarah Edwards if your topic is in bioethics.

Visiting CPJH

CPJH is pleased to welcome visiting academics as part of UCL's Affiliate Academic Scheme. You can find further details of the scheme here.

Please write to the CPJH Director (James Wilson) with (a) details of when you would like to visit, (b) your research proposal, and (c) your CV.

Note that Affiliate Academics are usually charged a fee linked to the fee charged to UK/EU research students (£4500 for 2014/15). Fees for visits of less than a calendar year are normally charged on a pro rata basis.

For visiting CPJH as a Doctoral researcher, see the guidance here.