UCL Health Humanities Centre


Research Seminar in Philosophy Justice and Health 2012/13 Topics in Autonomy, Health Law and Public Policy

Jillian Craigie and Jonathan Wolff

Seminar Room 19 Gordon Square
Wednesdays 3.00 to 5.00

The concept of autonomy plays a prominent but complex role in justifications for health law and public policy in liberal states. In this research seminar we will examine how this idea figures in a range of controversial issues. The readings cover topics on living wills and dementia; Ulysses contracts and addiction; financial incentives for medical treatment; patient autonomy, mental disability and discrimination; relational accounts of autonomy; supported decision-making; and the concept of vulnerability.

For further details, please contact Jillian Craigie.

October 3rd

Introductory Meeting. This will be a short meeting in which students registered for credit can agree on the session for their presentation.

Oct. 10th

Holroyd, J. (2012) “Clarifying capacity: value and reasons” In: Autonomy and Mental Disorder, Radoilska, L. (ed.) pp. 145-69, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Oct. 17

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Oct. 24

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Andreou, C. (2007) Making a clean break: addiction and Ulysses contracts, Bioethics 22(1): 25-31.

Oct 31:

Bartlett, P. (online 2012) The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and mental health law, Modern Law Review


Nov. 21:

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Nov. 28

Lyons, B. (2010) Dying to be responsible: adolescence, autonomy and responsibility, Legal Studies 30(2): 257–278.

Dec. 5:

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Dec. 12:

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