Meeting with Chief Superintendent BJ Harrington


On September 11, Camden Borough Commander Chief Superintendent BJ Harrington visited UCL and met the CPC project team. The CPC team has been using Camden Borough as the case study area for our research, making this an exciting opportunity for an exchange of ideas and information. Prof. Tao Cheng opened the meeting with an overview of the CPC project (, followed by talks from PhD students and PDRAs on crime prediction, intelligent policing, and citizens’ satisfaction with policing. BJ provided detailed feedback on each individual talk, and suggested ways to ensure its operational application in local policing. He also shared his vision for transferring the CPC outcomes to the Digital Policing of the Metropolitan Police Service.


We are grateful to BJ for his guidance and comments. We look forward to working with the Camden Borough of Metropolitan Police Service in implementing and testing the methods developed by the CPC in the near future. Our thanks also go out to our industrial representative, Mr Trevor Adams, the Head of the Data Development Team of the Metropolitan Police Service, who also participated in meeting with BJ.

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