​SpaceTimeLab welcomes visitors from the Guiyang Government and the Embassy of China


On Thursday 2nd March, a visiting group from Guiyang government and the Embassy of China in London visited SpaceTimeLab. The visitor group was led by Dr. Qin Xu, Vice Mayor of Guiyang, and Mr. Sunan Jiang, Minister Counsellor of Science and Technology Section of the Embassy of China. Professor Tao Cheng introduced our research achievements and real world applications of four topics: transport and mobility, intelligent policing, business intelligence and environmental resilience. We also demonstrated the software developed for the EPSRC funded Crime, Policing and Citizenship project, which consisted of multiple components of crime prediction, patrol routing and patrol performance evaluation. The visitors were very interested in the research topics and the software.

The delegates from Guiyang introduced the 2017 China International Big Data Industry Fair, which is to be held there in May this year. Both groups discussed participation in the fair and building a joint lab between UCL and universities or institutes in Guiyang.


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