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AAG 2014



Professor Paul Longley and Dr Alex Singleton have organized a special session called ‘Demography, Identity and Dynamics’ at the 2014 AAG Conference. The conference itself will be held in Tampa, Florida from 8-12 April 2014.

The motivation for the session is the increasing volume and variety of ‘Big Data’ for urban analysis, and their synthesis into summary measures. ‘Geodemographics’ has conventionally been used as a shorthand term to describe the analysis of people by where they live, but it is increasingly evident that other data sources can be used to infuse these essentially night time geographies with information about human activity patters in real and virtual worlds. This session will bring together experiences of using social media, retail and other business data to supplement and even replace conventional quantitative neighbourhood measures, and evaluate their implications for our understanding of the dynamics of human behaviour. Please consider registering or submitting a paper here!

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