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UCL researchers are working across disciplines, to help find a cure, improve diagnosis, and advise Government in the UK and globally.

Covid-19 experts
A key strength of the UCL community is its ability to work together across disciplines and with colleagues, partners and industry to help address the biggest challenges facing the world today. 

UCL researchers are working in the vanguard of helping to find a cure, to improving diagnosis and are advising Government here in the UK and globally. In addition, they are helping to inform public knowledge by providing expert comment on issues as varied as predictions on virus spread, panic buying and stockpiling broadband provision, and the economic and political impact of the pandemic.

Others at UCL are working on monitoring people who have been tested, predicting the outbreak’s future, and developing digital platforms for community-based care.

Through UCL's Media Relations team, we feature the work of UCL colleagues who are providing critical advice and expert comment to world leaders and the public on COVID-19 and its impact through numerous appearances on TV, radio, print and online news sources.

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Professor Rebecca Shipley, left, and a member of the HPP team. Credit: Jude Palmer / Royal Academy of Engineering
Team behind life-saving breathing aid win prestigious engineering award
UCL engineers and medics who developed a CPAP breathing aid now used in hospitals across the UK have received an award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for exceptional services during a pandemic.
17 August 2020  

Covid-19 vaccine trialled in healthy volunteers
A UCL supported trial, which is testing the Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by Imperial College London, is now recruiting members of the public at UCLH.
24 July 2020

UCL graduate
Opinion: Graduate doctors need the support of their teams to add value
In April this year, as part of the Government’s response to COVID-19, more than 300 of UCL Medical School's final year students were fast-tracked through graduation, enabling them to become frontline NHS doctors. Here Dr Sophie Bracke explains how she's found the transition.
30 June 2020

Covid-19 cells
New study into Covid-19 transmission and immunity launched
UCL has launched Virus Watch, inviting 42,500 people to take part in one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of Covid-19 in the UK to study the next phase of the pandemic.
23 June 2020

woman in blue lab coat
UCL launches COVID-19 Research collection on ScienceOpen
UCL has launched a new collection of COVID-19 research on ScienceOpen.com. This collection is publicly available and lists all UCL contributed published content related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
12 June 2020

coronavirus supplies (thumbnail)
Breathing aids developed by UCL, UCLH and Formula One delivered to nearly 50 NHS hospitals
CPAP devices were used extensively in China and Italy to help Covid-19 patients breathe more easily, but the devices were in short supply in UK hospitals, so engineers at UCL and Mercedes-AMG HPP worked round-the-clock to reverse engineer a device that could be manufactured rapidly by the thousands. NHS staff can request the devices for their hospitals at no cost.
8 May 2020

UCL portico (thumbnail)
Covid-19: Leading UCL academics named on SAGE
A number of leading UCL academics have been named as scientific advisors on the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and its related sub-groups.
5 May 2020