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UCL Coronavirus Response Fund

When a lethal new virus emerges, the world looks to its leading scientific communities to develop solutions swiftly.

UCL coronavirus response fund
Since the emergence of the COVID-19 disease in December 2019, UCL’s world-leading experts have been involved in all aspects of the challenge, from developing rapid testing and tracking systems and predicting the future of the outbreak, to advising, challenging and critiquing government responses to the crisis. As the crisis has hit the UK, we also took the decision to release clinical academic staff so that they could provide as much support to the NHS as possible. 

The breadth of UCL’s research and expertise means that we are uniquely placed to respond not only to the immediate tasks of understanding the virus and finding a vaccine, but assessing the long term impacts this will have on our daily lives going forward.

Transform challenge into change

That is why we have launched the UCL Coronavirus Response Fund. Joining government and existing rapid-response philanthropic contributions, this initiative will raise urgently-needed funding for UCL’s targeted coronavirus research activity. All donations, large and small, will enable us to continue to mobilise around three key areas that will contribute to the management, mitigation, and eventual halt of the virus: 

  1. Sequencing of the virus and vaccine development 
  2. Monitoring and surveillance of the virus, its progression, and its impact 
  3. Managing the unprecedented challenges to our healthcare system, the way we live and work, and the impact on society.

By supporting this Fund, you will join a global community of friends, alumni, donors, students and staff, united in the service of UCL’s founding ambition – to make the world a better, healthier and more secure place for us all. 

Help UCL find solutions to the challenges that COVID-19 brings, at a pace that would, under normal circumstances, be considered impossible.

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For questions about how you can support UCL’s Coronavirus response, please contact us via advancement@ucl.ac.uk or by calling 020 3108 9037.

To discuss making a significant philanthropic investment to UCL’s Coronavirus response, please contact Oliver Day, Head of Alumni & Supporter Care, at ollie.day@ucl.ac.uk.

To find out more about the world-impacting research that is taking place at UCL as part of the It’s All Academic philanthropic and engagement campaign, visit our website.