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Cosmoparticle PhD student Catarina Alves competes in the final of the ‘3 Minute Thesis' challenge

26 June 2019

Catarina entered the UCL Student Union's challenge to PhD students from across all 9 Faculties to describe their thesis in 3 minutes using just one presentation slide. Catarina succeeded in going forward to the final round, but was pipped to the post by Meredith Martyn.

Catarina Alves 3 minute thesis challenge

Catarina entered the UCL Student Union Three Minute Thesis challenge for doctoral students to talk about their thesis in just 3 minutes using only a single presentation slide to support their presentation. She was sucessful and secured a place in the final round of the Faculty heats, representing MAPS, but was pipped to the post by Meredith Martyn (Faculty of Population Health Sciences) for her presentation on Clinical Trials and Methodology. Meredith will go on to compete in the 3MT® online national semi-finals.

Catarina’s presentation is titled “Explosions”, reflecting her research on the many different types of explosion in the Universe.  Her research specifically focuses on developing techniques to find rare explosions as quickly as possible once they appear on the sky, so that they can be observed with a range of telescopes.  Future automated facilities such as LSST will be ideally suited to discovering these rare events, and Catarina’s research will enable them to be rapidly investigated for astrophysical and cosmological analyses.