Travelling to and from campus

When travelling to and from campus, please follow the latest Government guidance.

When travelling to or from campus, please follow the latest Government guidance. We want to ensure that students and staff feel supported to leave and arrive at campus at the time they find most comfortable. You might want to change the time at which you travel – leaving earlier or later to avoid the peak times. If so, please speak to you Department or line manager about your options.

Walking or cycling

In 2020, UCL installed 1000 additional cycle racks across the campus for September and initiated a Buddy Scheme to support staff and students, and staff are able to get a tax-free bike through the UCL Cycle Scheme. For details on free bike maintenance, choosing a bike, local routes and UCL’s bike network and more, see UCL’s cycle and walking pages.   

Travelling by public transport

Please refer to TfL's guidance on safe travelling and follow the TfL safety and hygiene measures. They help protect you and everyone else on the transport network. 

Travelling by car

UCL is not encouraging students or staff to travel by car. In line with our approach to sustainability, we are seeking to minimise the impact of our activities on local air quality and local congestion. 

That said, we recognise that car use will be necessary for some of our community. Please refer to the UCL Parking Policy. In accordance with this policy, we will be prioritising any parking spaces for contractors and for people with disabilities.

If you are a blue badge holder parking can be secured on site but it must be booked in advance. Please be aware that most of the UCL campus is within the Camden Green badge zone and so usual blue badge rules may not apply.