Keeping safe around campus and Camden

We are working with the wider Camden community and have introduced a new Zoning system for the Bloomsbury campus as well as Welcome Stations and one-way systems.

Find out more about getting to campus, including information for when you are travelling by bike. 

Entering and getting around campus

Arrival at UCL 

We have introduced a new Zoning system for the Bloomsbury campus to support social distancing. A map and list of buildings with entrance information is available below, and the new system will be explained to you by your Department. When you arrive at campus, please enter through the entrance point closest to your place of work or study. The entrance points are: 

  • Green Zone - Front Quad Entrance (Gower Street)
  • Blue Zone - Gordon Street Gate Entrance
  • Red Zone - Malet Place Gate Entrance (Torrington Place)

Everyone must enter Bloomsbury through one of the main gates/welcome stations where hand sanitiser will be available and staff will be on hand to answer questions. Pease make security aware if you have an agreed variation to any prescribed way-marking route around or within the building so they can help ensure that this is facilitated.  

Campus map with zoning + list of buildings with entrance information


  • Find which zone your building is in
  • Find the entrance or entrances to the zone or your building
  • Ensure that you use the entrance closest to your destination
  • If you are a wheelchair user or have other access requirements, you may need to adapt routes to meet your needs

Additional info

  • For an interactive and searchable version of the map, go to www.ucl.ac.uk/maps (to find the entrances to the 3 zones, search for ‘green’, ‘blue’ and ‘red’ )
  • To find the locations with study spaces, search for ‘study spaces’. You will need to book in advance

If you use what3words, the addresses for the 3 gates are:

  • Green Zone: Front Quad - mile.cure.teach.
  • Blue Zone: Gordon Street Gate - zones.renew.post.
  • Red Zone: Malet Place Gate - builds.pushes.ideal.

This information is available as a downloadable PDF:

UCL map zoning

Green Zone square

Enter through
the Front Quad
(Gower Street)


Building NameEntrance
Front LodgesZone
North West BuildingZone
Chadwick BuildingZone
Main Quad Pop Up Teaching SpaceZone
Enrolment MarqueeZone
Slade School of Fine ArtZone
Wilkins BuildingZone
Wilkins TerraceZone
Wilkins Main LibraryZone
Physics BuildingGower Court Entrance
Bloomsbury TheatreStreet
The Student CentreStreet
25 Gordon StreetStreet
3 Gower PlaceStreet
KLB (Kathleen Lonsdale Building)Street
Lewis Building 134-136 Gower StreetStreet

Blue Zone square
Enter through
Gordon Street Gate
Building NameEntrance
Bernard KatzZone
MRC BuildingZone
Andrew HuxleyZone
South WingZone
16-26 Gordon Square HousesZone
Medawar BuildingZone
Henry MorleyZone

Red Zone square
Enter through
Malet Place Gate
(Torrington Place)
Building NameEntrance
33-35 Torrington PlaceZone
Engineering Front BuildingZone
Roberts BuildingZone
MPEB (Malet Place Engineering Building)Zone
1-4 Malet PlaceZone
Darwin BuildingZone
DMS Watson Building / Science LibraryZone
Egyptology / Petrie MuseumZone
Foster CourtZone
Medical SciencesZone
South Quad Pop Up Teaching SpaceZone
Anatomy BuildingStreet

Marked routes and one-way systems 

UCL has introduced carefully planned way-marking and one way systems on campus to maintain social distancing. You will find them within the majority of department buildings and around the external areas of UCL. We have tried to ensure step free access as far as is possible but if you have any problems, please contact your department.    

If the longer distances involved in the way-marking systems create an access issue for you, please discuss with your department in this first place regarding individual agreed alternatives. They will also arrange, through Estates Area Facilities Managers, areas that apply outside of the department. 


Lifts will be in operation, but capacity will be limited. If you are able to, please use the stairs so that the lifts are free for people who need them, for example for access purposes or to move heavy loads. If you find it difficult or can’t use the stairs, please use the lifts.

Staying safe in Camden

UCL is an important part of Camden's community. It is crucial that we work in partnership with local agencies and services on our plans to reopen our campus. 

We want our staff and students to feel safe both on and around campus. The Metropolitan Police and Camden Council are taking a coordinated approach across the borough to COVID-19 breaches and any changes to Government guidelines and the easing of lockdown. Camden Council has a Community Presence Officer team placed on the streets, in parks and visiting businesses to educate and engage with the community and to provide reassurance. 

UCL is meeting with these services regularly to share information, if you are concerned about any safety issues while in Camden you can contact them directly by calling 020 7974 4444 or by email to communitysafety@camden.gov.uk