The UCL Visiting Campus Checklist

We’ve put together a checklist to help you remember what to do before you leave home, when you get to campus, and once your get to your class or meeting room. 

Restrictions during national lockdown

In response to the latest guidance from the UK Government, teaching and other face-to-face activities remain online for the remainder of Term Two, except for a small number of exempt courses. We strongly advise that you do not plan to come to campus.

If you stayed in London over the winter break or you have already returned, you should remain here and not travel home again. The campus is open and so you can have access to our facilities.

Help us keep our community safe by finding out what we’re doing to protect our staff and students and how you can help keep campus as safe as possible

When you do visit us on campus, follow this checklist to help make sure you know what to do before you leave home, when you get to campus, and once you get to your class or meeting room.

Before you leave home

Should you be coming to campus?

  • Do you have symptoms of COVID-19? If you or people you live have symptoms of coronavirus don't come to campus. Find out what to do if you are unwell or need to self-isolate.
  • Have you recently attended an event, or venue, where you believe COVID-19 guidelines were breached? If your answer is yes, don’t come to campus. Protect yourself and your community by staying at home.
  • Do you have a class or tutorial scheduled? Check your timetable for any face-to-face activity and check Moodle to make sure it’s going ahead. If you want to meet up with fellow students on or near campus, try to plan your meeting on the same day as you have a class or study space scheduled, so that you minimize the number of days you travel into central London. 

Do you know where you're going?

  • Have you booked your study space? You can book 1 time slot per day, up to 14 days in advance (these limits will be reviewed in line with demand). If you cannot attend at your booked time, please cancel the booking so that someone else can use the space.
  • Have you planned how to get to campus? Please walk or cycle if you can and follow Transport for London’s advice on travelling safely.  
  • Do you know which campus entrance is closest to your classroom/meeting place? The Bloomsbury campus is divided into 3 zones (Green, Blue, Red), each with its own one-way system. You should enter campus through the zonal entrance nearest to the building you need. See the map.
  • Have you got your timing right? Please allow plenty of time to get to your teaching session. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the session (not earlier).
  • Have you agreed a place to meet? If you’re meeting up with fellow students outside of class or study spaces can you do it outside to make social distancing easier? Remember to greet your friends in a socially distanced way (waving or elbow check: no hugs, no handshakes)

Have you got everything you need?

  • Have you got your ID card? Please carry your UCL ID card with you at all times as you may be asked to show your card upon entry to campus and buildings.
  • Have you got your face covering? If you can wear a face covering, then you are expected to do so. This applies when you’re on campus, both inside buildings and when moving around campus on UCL owned outdoor space; in offices, labs and teaching spaces
  • Have you dressed appropriately? Wear layers of clothing so you can stay comfortable during your education sessions: some rooms are naturally ventilated and windows will be open to allow air circulation. In addition, dressing warmly means you can meet your fellow students outside, either in an open area on campus or in one of the many parks and squares that surround UCL. Take an umbrella. Wear shoes for lots of walking!
  • Have you downloaded the NHS COVID-19 app? We're asking visitors to us the NHS COVID-19 app to check in to some of our buildings and venues by scanning the QR codes on display.

Do you have any accessibility requirements?

  • If you have accessibility requirements, do you know how to plan an alternative route? Alternative accessible routes have been considered and described. The security teams onsite can help as well as your Faculty. You can get a Sunflower lanyard if you would like one.
  • If you have accessibility requirements, have you notified your department so any necessary adjustments can be made to teaching rooms if required? Please reach out to your department to notify them of your specific requirements, so the adjustments can be made for you.

When you get to campus

Be part of the community: Do your part, follow the guidance, and help protect vulnerable students and staff.

Help each other: There’s lots of guidance to follow, and it can be difficult to keep up. Let’s all help each other to stay safe. If you see someone who isn’t following the guidance, let them know what they need to do.

Be respectful: Let’s be kind to each other and remind others to follow the guidance respectfully. Remember - sunflower lanyard carriers may have hidden disabilities and be unable to wear a face-covering. 

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Getting around campus

  • Wear your face-covering (unless you are exempt)
  • Use the one-way systems that are in place in UCL’s buildings. Please follow the signs.
  • Use the hand sanitising units at the entrance to buildings and teaching spaces and wash your hands regularly.
  • Maintain social distancing when entering and leaving teaching rooms and buildings - each room (classroom, laboratory, lift, toilet, kitchen) has a sign indicating the maximum number of people to ensure safety.
  • Take the stairs if you can. Lifts have very limited capacity and we need to make sure that those who cannot take the stairs don’t have to wait too long. 
  • Do not stop in corridors or other communal areas within buildings. Leave teaching rooms & buildings as soon as your scheduled meeting has finished. If you have questions after a class, please raise them in office hours or via email and not in person following a lesson.

When you get to your class or meeting room

  • Only sit in a seat indicated by a green tick
  • Take a seat furthest away from the door, so that the people coming in after you don’t have to pass you
  • Do not move desks and tables in teaching rooms under any circumstances
  • Wipe down your desk or work area with the alcohol based sanitising wipes provided.
  • Please dispose of used wipes in the bin provided when you leave the teaching room.