Working on campus

Information and guidance for staff about returning to work on campus.

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Who should be working onsite

Campus remains open for in-person teaching, research and support activity, which will continue as planned. UCL’s libraries, study spaces, halls of residence and onsite catering facilities also remain open. This is in line with guidance from the UK Government for Higher Education providers and our own Public Health colleagues.   

All staff at UCL who can work remotely should continue to do so until further notice, unless they need to be on campus to fulfil their responsibilities (for example, to access equipment necessary for their role or where their role must be carried out face-to-face). 

Exceptions include colleagues who need to be on campus to deliver face-to-face teaching and research (e.g. lecturers, researchers and other academic staff) and those who support this work (e.g. lab technicians, specialist technical staff and other student-facing roles), who are expected to continue working onsite. The same applies to staff responsible for student services (e.g. medical, mental health and wellbeing support, libraries and campus facilities).

We will support staff whose immune system means they are at higher risk of serious illness if they become infected with COVID-19, or live with someone in this group, to work remotely. If this applies to you, please provide your line manager with the official medical letter and/or email confirming you have a weakened immune system. 

Colleagues who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons are not required to attend campus, and teaching staff in this category may deliver learning remotely. Staff who are unvaccinated through choice must attend campus as per the normal requirements of their duties.

Please speak to your line manager if you are not sure if you should work remotely, you do not have access to an appropriate workspace offsite, or your mental health would benefit from working onsite, so arrangements can be made for you to work on campus. 

If it is not clear whether a member of staff should work remotely, their manager should seek advice from their Faculty or Professional Services leadership, in consultation with HR Business Partnering where required. 

Before you come to campus

If you feel unwell, you must stay at home, whether or not you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Before you leave home, please download the free NHS COVID-19 app. The app tells you if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, and lets you order tests and check into venues.

Get vaccinated or boosted against COVID-19 if you can. The NHS vaccination centre at Bidborough House is currently accepting walk-in appointments.  

Get tested at least twice a week with a free Lateral Flow Test (LFT), and before mixing with people in crowded indoor places, even if you don’t have COVID-19 symptoms. LFTs are available to pick up from our testing centre in the student centre. Please report your test results to the NHS and UCL Connect to Protect

You may also wish to travel to campus at less busy times. Please speak to your line manager to discuss if it is possible for you to change your usual working hours. 

What to expect on campus

Everyone should follow the most up to date COVID-19 safety measures and we expect staff, students and visitors to be respectful and considerate of other in situations where they would feel uncomfortable. 

Visit our Keeping Safe on Campus webpages to find out about the measures we’re putting in place and what you can do to help keep everyone safe.

Further policies and support for staff

Help shape future UCL guidance and resources

UCL’s weekly People Pulse survey (formerly our Wellbeing survey) and the responses from colleagues across the university have guided UCL throughout the pandemic so far. We want to continue to listen to you and take into consideration your hopes and ambitions for the future – as well as any concerns you may have – as more of us return to working on campus.

It takes less than five minutes and we hope you will continue to complete the survey each week. Your responses will help the Provost and leadership team understand how staff are managing as the university transitions into this new model of hybrid working and we can all be together again.