Convince Hemodiafiltration Dialysis Study


achieving high volume haemodiafiltration

As blood passes through the haemofilter plasma water is removed by hydrostatic pressure, and the ratio of plasma water removed to blood flow is termed the filtration fraction. As the filtration fraction increases this leads to an increase in haematocrit and plasma proteins as blood flows through the dialyser, and this increases the risk of clotting. To reduce these changes EuDial recommended a filtration fraction of 20-25%. Although in clinical practice the filtration fraction (FF) is simply expressed as the ultrafiltration flow to blood flow, in reality, the filtration fraction should also take into account haematocrit and plasma total proteins.
To increase the amount of convective clearance, but maintaining the filtration fraction then
1.    Haemofilter choice
       a.    designed for convection with
       b.     high hydraulic permeability
2.    Increase blood low
       a.    may need to increase fistula needle size
3.    Increase session time
4.    Avoid high haematocrit

Filtration fraction ratio of convective to blood flow

Haemoglobin and plasma proteins affect filtration fraction