UCL Consultants Ltd


High-Tech Manufacturing

UCL has experience in designing and creating, from nanotechnology to the space industry, we can support prototyping that is pushing the boundaries of engineering and material science

Moecular Beam Epitaxy

An advanced, ultra-high-vacuum facility for making compound materials https://bit.ly/2Gm5keH 

London Centre for Nanotechnology

Offers access to a wide range of leading-edge facilities such as Atomic Force Microscopy and cleanrooms https://www.london-nano.com/ 

Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL)

Specialist facilities designed to meet space agencies' standards and requirements including test facilities, cleanrooms, environmentally controlled areas for space flight hardware assembly, integration and verification https://www.ucl.ac.uk/mssl/ 

UCL Advances Imaging Consultants

Provides specialist imaging services and training for academic, private institutions, companies, heritage professionals https://bit.ly/29ZiV7D 

Ultra Scale-Down Bioprocess Technology

Offers a range of services and the provision of ultra scale-down (USD) devices to industry https://bit.ly/2tiNAZc