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UCL and AstraZeneca collaborate on immuno-oncology research

4 February 2021

Researchers from UCL Division of Infection & Immunity will lead on two collaborative projects with AstraZeneca. The projects’ long-term aim is to contribute to the development of new cancer treatments.

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The Business & Innovation Partnerships team and UCL Consultants (UCLC), part of UCL Innovation & Enterprise, supported the development of these collaborations.

These research collaborations will investigate immune checkpoints which are key biochemical pathways that regulate our body’s immune responses. These are important in a number of conditions, including cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The two UCL AstraZeneca projects are focused on increasing our understanding of immune checkpoint mechanisms and how we can manipulate them, with the aim of ultimately leading to new immunotherapy approaches.

Sharing expertise: UCL uses unique preclinical models and an array of molecular and cell biology techniques to study these pathways. AstraZeneca will provide a number of novel compounds, with both sides sharing and building on their respective research expertise.

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