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London ferries cause pollution

28 June 2018

London ferries produce same pollution as hundreds of buses and trucks but are not policed by tough new emission regulations

Can London truly be a low emission zone when boats are not required to comply to same standards as buses & lorries? UCL consultant's, Dr Tristan Smith, UCL Energy explains the levels of boat emissions in London & Professor Hugh Montgomery (Centre for Human Health and Performance: Institute for Sport, Exercise and Health) talks about health implications.

Photo: UCL Library

Ferries used by commuters and tourists in the centre of London are spewing out pollution equivalent to hundreds of buses and trucks every day.

Meanwhile, cruise ships docking at places like Tower Bridge pump out as much toxic nitrogen oxide gases and particulates as nearly 700 lorries each.

These vessels - alongside the tour boats, container ships and tugs that use the river every day - can use filthy fuel and engines because they operate under the same rules as trawlers in the North Sea.

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