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UCL Consultants appoint new Director of Bespoke Short Courses

3 October 2016

New UCLC appoinment - Director - Bespoke Short Courses

Tony Osude joined UCL Consultants Ltd (UCLC) to take up a newly created position as Director, Bespoke Short Courses.   Tony is leading the development of a new division based in UCLC focused on the origination, development and delivery of high end custom programmes to senior decision makers in the private and public sectors nationally and globally, drawing on UCL's multi-disciplinary and cutting edge academic expertise.  He will be working closely with colleagues across UCL to identify custom programmes (i.e. closed courses offered for a fee to an external client) and to provide the professional support for their development, costing and pricing, and delivery. 

The development of this activity is very much in line with the UCL 2034 strategy and will contribute to raising UCL's external profile, developing relationships with external clients for the wider benefit of UCL, increasing our impact and generating a profitable income stream.  Tony, who joined on 5th September, stated "This is an exciting time to join UCL Consultants and to have the opportunity to co-develop courses with colleagues and external clients using UCL's deep expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach that will drive transformational change within organisations and their sectors, whilst enabling colleagues to benefit from high quality engagement with leading organisations. There are few organisations out there capable of doing this, even fewer delivering it." 

Tony joins UCLC with prior experience of the higher education sector and a long career in developing and delivering high quality bespoke short courses from his previous roles as International Director, BPP Group, and before that as Head of Global Relationships and Partnerships at the ACCA and Head of Business Development at the ICAEW.  He is also a qualified Solicitor and has an MBA from the Warwick Business School.

On his appointment, Managing Director for UCL Consultants, Roger de Montfort said "This is an area which has great potential for UCL and one which will deliver reputational, financial and research benefits for colleagues and UCL more broadly. Whilst there will be a number of new opportunities coming through there is also the prospect of identifying current opportunities and harnessing the experience and resources of Tony and the team to support the delivery of those. 

As previously announced UCL Life Learning is now part of UCL Innovation & Enterprise and will continue to support the development of open courses across UCL under the leadership of Professor Andrew Eder.

For further information or if there are opportunities Tony and the team can assist with please contact him on 020 7679 9247 or t.osude@uclconsultants.com.