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FPSH staff awards 

4 March 2016

Lancet Young Investigator Award

Lancet Young Investigator Award

Congratulations go to Robert Aldridge who jointly received the Lancet Young Investigator Award 2016, and who only recently completed his studies

The awards followed a presentation and interview on work from his PhD (Screening of tuberculosis in migrants before entry to the UK: a population-based cohort study) at the Academy of Medical Sciences. Robert receives The Lancet prize of £2,500 and the chance to write an editorial for The Lancet on the wider implications of his research.

EPSRC  winners of Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards

Nine researchers, working on innovative projects that promise to improve healthcare diagnosis and treatment, across a wide spread of issues, were announced as the first recipients of the EPSRC's Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards.

EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Challenge Award winners

Congratulations go to Silvia Schievano, ICS, who wins an award for her work on a hub for device personalisation in the treatment of congenital diseases

The award winners will share in a £9 million fund allocated to support a cohort of next

generation research leaders to establish a personal programme of high quality, creative, and multidisciplinary research across the EPSRC portfolio, and to build and grow their research groups.

Further details can be found on the EPSRC website

UCL Consultants send our warmest congratulations to both very worthy winners.

Image credit: Greta Hughson, NAM