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UCL Engineering Inspiration: Student Showcase and Networking Event

25 September 2015

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Over the last three years UCL Engineering has been changing the way it teaches to better meet the needs of both students and employers. Through the Integrated

Engineering Programme, we are combining the design, communication and other professional skills that industry has been calling out for with the challenging, real-world group projects that excite students, consolidate their knowledge, and encourage them to do their best.

We invite you to come meet our students and hear about some of the fantastic work they have done over the last year. It will be presented through a short series of talks and videos that vividly illustrate our approach to engineering education and our students' own impressive abilities.

UCL Engineering Inspiration

In addition, we'll introduce you to UCL Engineering's latest project: a news website 

called UCL ENGins (Engineering Inspiration) that includes the best journalism about engineering, technology, and the physical sciences in English from across the web. Not only do we invite you to use the (free) website, but also to contribute to it:

- Submit links to articles that you think are of interest to our students and the technical community

- Submit profiles of your engineers, their work, and careers to inspire our students 

- Let us know about major research/development progress in your company so that our student journalists can cover it.

The full site will be launched at the event, where you can also meet some of the staff and students who will be putting it together, but you can read more about it at: http://uclengins.org.

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