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UCL wins DECC contracts for provision of energy expertise

3 July 2015

Wind farm

UCL Consultants has formed a cross-faculty team drawing on staff from the Faculties of the Built Environment,  Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Engineering, in response to an ITT from Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) seeking to establish a Framework contract for the 'Provision of Technical Specialists in Energy'.  Running for four years, it will allow

UCL researchers to influence thinking in the four areas we bid for: hydrogen technologies, energy storage and demand, modelling, and energy efficiency in buildings.  This is a testament to the diversity of UCL's research, its depth and quality and our interdisciplinary working that draws researchers across departmental boundaries to collaborate with external stakeholders on the world's global challenges. 

These Energy Specialists Framework contracts are in addition to the position won on the 2014 DECC Framework contract 'Advice on Evaluation' which informs DECC project teams on how to scope, design and evaluate their intervention programmes. 

This was bid by a cross-faculty team comprising UCL's  Energy InstituteInstitute of Environmental Design & Engineering, Institute for for Sustainable Resources, and STeAPP.  

To date, UCL teams have delivered a project associated with design of the evaluation project for the Government's Warm Homes Discount Scheme

Professor Tadj Oreszczyn, Head of School for the majority of the team, said, 'Our academic team has a focus on influencing and informing policy.  These framework contracts offer a route not open via normal academic channels to bringing our expertise and experience to bear on the triple challenges inherent in energy systems both in the UK and in the EU- sustainability, competitiveness and affordability.'

UCL Consultants is here to help facilitate the consultancy proposal process used by the UK and EU governments as well as the UN, World Bank and others.  We help make UCL accessible to outside organisations, by identifying opportunities, forming teams, supporting bids, providing project management services, and delivering contractual and financial services.  We seek to bring UCL's knowledge, research, teaching and facilities to areas where we can help to make a difference.