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UCL teaming up for a cleaner Europe

17 April 2015

Triple E Consulting, as lead partner, in collaboration with ARCADIS Belgium, Technopolis Group and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), has been selected by the European Environment Agency as single-operator in providing them with expert assistance with indicators, analysis, assessments and policy evaluation in support of the 7th Environmental Action Programme.

Over the past decades, with the various advances in environmental legislation across most thematic areas, the European Union has made significant progress in terms of creating a healthier and more sustainable environment. For example, today EU citizens enjoy one of the best water quality in the world and over 18% of EU's territory has been designated as protected area for nature. Nevertheless, many environment-related challenges remain and new ones have arisen. These need to be tackled in an integrated manner, as most environmental issues are cross-cutting affecting water, air, soil, etc. To this end, the European Union's 7th Environment Action Programme (7EAP) 2014-2020 entered into force in January 2014 and represents the guide for environment-related Union policy action over the coming seven years. The overall scope of this Framework Contract is to support and provide expert assistance to the EEA in the various tasks that fall under the EEA's role and responsibilities for delivering the 7EAP.

The Consortium receives complementary subcontracting services of: Aether Ltd, DCE/Aarhus University, Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems (ISIS), IVL Sweden, REC, STELLA Consulting, TECNALIA, TML, TNO, UCL Consultants, VITO, Vizzuality and WAAT.