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UCL Medical School & Ningbo Delegation

23 September 2014

UCL Medical School's new consultancy unit, MSEC (Medical School Education Consultancy) has now trained two cohorts of visiting doctors from Ningbo University Medical School, China.

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The doctors come from a wide range of clinical specialties to develop their skills in medical education, as well as learning how to implement modern teaching techniques on their return to Ningbo. Visiting for four months gives them an opportunity to really understand the medical education culture at UCL.  The 'UCL doctor' is taught in a way that integrates hands-on patient contact and experiences with the more traditional classroom lessons and scientific background of medicine. One aim of MSEC is to help the Ningbo University doctors define, shape and put into practice their vision of the 'Ningbo doctor'.

Development of language skills is also greatly valued, and MSEC works closely with the UCL Centre for Languages and International Education to add this element to programmes.

Ningbo University is very keen to develop the relationship and MSEC is now planning with UCL Consultants, for the third cohort to arrive in autumn 2014.

As well as building closer links with Ningbo University, MSEC is engaging with institutions around the world, including  Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kazakhstan and UCL Consultants is proud to support this work.

Further details can be found here Ningbo University