UCL Consultants Ltd


Matching expertise to your needs

Programmes, courses and personalised training can be designed from one or more of the eight expert domains below.

 Digital & Technology


We offer organisations new perspectives on the risks and opportunities in the digital domain by combining our cybersecurity, Big Data and analytics expertise with our leadership in digital culture and human centred design plus know-how on the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

Health and Wellbeing


We develop innovative, workable solutions to solve complex health problems and promote well-being. We bring together UCL's extensive expertise, from biomedical science, the built environment and engineering to infrastructure planning, policy development and law. We work with a wide variety of stakeholders including healthcare providers, research institutes, charitable organisations, investors, real estate developers, regulators and policy makers.



As the world's leading centre for education, we support education institutions and companies, employers, government agencies, curriculum authorities and policy makers. By blending our education expertise with other disciplines, we can unlock added value for example through the potential applications of data analytics and emerging technologies to education, and the design of efficient educational spaces and places.

People and Organisations


Our expertise in this domain is grounded in management disciplines, brain and social sciences to provide organisations with fresh insights into what truly engages, motivates and drives people and the customers they serve. We help organisations achieve the behaviour change they need to deliver results, and provide opportunities for their people to adapt and grow.

Infrastructure & Real Estate


We work with all key stakeholders - developers, investors, policy makers and occupiers - drawing on our unparalleled expertise in the built environment, large scale infrastructure development and mega projects. Our capabilities enable stakeholders to design and deliver places and spaces that deliver economic, environmental and societal value.

Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing


Our scientists and engineers take discoveries from life sciences, engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic), pure maths, computing and many other disciplines, mix them together and add their own innovations. You can tap into this rich source of knowledge and creativity to enhance organisation success by producing transformative engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Energy & Sustainability


We help organisations identify and shape appropriate responses to the challenges of energy security and climate change. You can draw on our inter-disciplinary expertise including, energy systems modelling, design and integration, sustainable cities, environmental systems engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Sport & Culture


From the sports and fitness sphere, organisations can learn from our work with elite athletes, techniques to identify talent and monitor performance, and deep expertise in medical and life sciences. Our cultural expertise provides opportunities for organisations to obtain unique insights on their challenges by learning from history, art, languages, philosophy, politics, geography and anthropology.