The Constitution Unit


The Process of Brexit

Withdrawal from the European Union will be the biggest change in British politics for generations.  The process of getting there will stretch the resources of Whitehall and challenge the relationship between government and parliament.  It will raise profound questions about the degree to which the UK political system rests upon parliamentary or upon popular sovereignty.  It is certain to make relations among the UK's nations more complex, and it has the potential to precipitate the end of the United Kingdom in its present form.

The Constitution Unit is monitoring these developments closely.  Our report The Process of Brexit: What Comes Next sets out what can be said about how the process of leaving the EU is likely to unfold.

UCL Brexit Hub

Brexit Hub

The UCL European Institute has launched the UCL Brexit Hub, a single portal for research, information and analysis on Brexit from across UCL. The site draws together contributions from the university's diverse array of departments and institutes to offer a comprehensive understanding of Brexit. You can access the Brexit Hub at this link.