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Special Advisers Resources

Package of online resource materials for Special Advisers

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During our research on Special Advisers, one heartfelt plea was for better induction and training materials. This cache of resource material aims to help meet that demand

Spad Handbook

Advice and practical tips put together from contributions by 8 Spads on how to make the most of the job, the opportunities and the Whitehall machine.

Spad Videos

Spads and others from across the political spectrum share their collective wisdom on how to maximise your impact as a Spad; how to harness the Whitehall machine; and how to survive in departments and at the centre of government.

Understanding Whitehall

A short easy to read guide on how Whitehall works by Peter Waller, a former senior civil servant.

Other Resources

Some of the best books, Institute for Government publications and Civil Service Learning material.

Codes of Conduct and Other Useful Guidance

Those codes and that Guidance you need to know about - Ministerial Code, Special Adviser Code, Civil Service Code and Guidance on Guidance

Website Links

Other really useful websites