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House of Lords Project Outputs

A list of outputs from our research projects on the House of Lords


Constitution Unit Briefings:

Journal Articles:

See also the previous project Reforming the House of Lords: Lessons from Overseas, and our past series of Lords Reform Commentaries

Commissioned Reports:

Lectures and Other Public Events:

Oral and Written Evidence:


Book Reviews:

  • Meg Russell's review of "The House of Lords 1911-2011: A Century of Non-Reform", by Chris Ballinger (2012), for the journal Political Quarterly (p.103-4).
  • Meg Russell's review of "House of Lords Reform Since 1911: Must the Lords Go?", by Peter Dorey and Alexandra Kelso (2011), for the journal West European Politics.


  • Meg Russell was interviewed about the accelerating pace of Lords reform for the ESRC's annual magazine, Britain in 2012.