The Constitution Unit




The Constitution Unit currently has two main projects relating to devolution: one concerns options for the design of an English Parliament; the other focuses on ongoing devolution processes in Wales. We have ongoing interests in Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

The Constitution Unit has been closely involved from the start with devolution in the UK.  Two of our earliest reports in 1996 were Scotland’s Parliament: Fundamentals for a New Scotland Act, which recommended a reserved powers model for Scotland, adopted in the Scotland Act 1998; and An Assembly for Wales, which recommended primary legislative powers for the Welsh Assembly, eventually adopted in the Government of Wales Act 2006.

Options for an English Parliament

Although the idea of establishing a parliament for England is often raised, little detailed work has ever been done on the design options for such a body. This project seeks to fill that gap.

A Reserved Powers model for Wales

The process of devolving further powers to Wales is ongoing. We have teamed up with the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University to produce a series of reports.

Recent Publications