The Constitution Unit


Constitutions and Constitution-Making

While much of the work of the Constitution Unit focuses on particular parts of the institutional structure of politics, some issues cut across those points and relate to constitutional structures – and the mechanisms through which those structures change – in the round.

Several of the Unit’s earliest reports looked at constitutional reform across a broad canvas, as did two largescale exercises in constitutional forecasting: Constitutional Futures and Constitutional Futures Revisited.  More recently the work of Dr James Melton focused on comparing constitutions internationally. More recently, research has focused on ways of engaging citizens in discussions of constitutional matters.


Citizens' Assembly on Brexit

Citizens' Assembly on Brexit

A project that held a citizens’ assembly that allowing citizens to engage in detailed, reflective and informed discussions about what the UK’s post-Brexit relations with the European Union should be.

Westminster Hall Ceiling

Designing a Constitutional Convention

Research into the form that a constitutional convention might best take.


Portculis House

Evolution of British Democracy

Research into how the character of democracy in the UK has changed since 1945.


Democracy matters

Democracy Matters

A project that ran two pilot citizens’ assemblies in 2015 and drew lessons for how such bodies might best be designed in the UK.


Comparing Constitutions

A project cataloguing the content of all constitutions written in independent states from 1789 to the present


Magna Carta and Its Modern Legacy

A study of the influence of Magna Carta in the UK and internationally.

Constitutional Standards in Legislation

Research into standards for judging constitutional legislation.

Archive of Research on Constitutions and Constitution-Making

Research into constitutions and constitution-making in the round has been one of the richest streams of Constitution Unit work over the years.

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