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This is the full chronological list of Constitution Unit publications.  All are available to download free of charge by clicking on the title which links to a pdf file. If you require a hard copy of any publication please contact constitution@ucl.ac.uk for further details. 



Alan Whysall (March 2019) 
Alan Renwick, Mchela Palese (March 2019) 
Jess Sargeant, Alan Renwick, Meg Russell (October 2018)
The Independent Commission on Referendums (July 2018)
Bob Morris (May 2018)
Robert Hazell and Bob Morris (May 2018)
Meg Russell and Jack Sheldon (March 2018)
Robert Hazell, Alan Cogbill, David Owen, Howard Webber and Lucas Chebib (January 2018)
Alan Renwick, Sarah Allan, Will Jennings, Rebecca Mckee, Meg Russell, Graham Smith (December 2017)
Jack Simson Caird, Robert Hazell and Dawn Oliver (November 2017)
Robert Hazell, Turan Hursit, Harmish Mehta and Peter Waller 
(July 2017)
Alan Renwick and Robert Hazell (June 2017)
Alan Renwick (January 2017)
Daniel Gover and Michael Kenny (November 2016)
Anisa Kassamali (October 2016)
Robert Hazell and R.M Morris (June 2016)
Petra Schleiter, Valerie Belu and Robert Hazell (May 2016)
Matthew Flinders, Katie Ghose, Will Jennings, Edward Molloy, Brenton Prosser, Alan Renwick, Graham Smith and Paolo Spada (April 2016)
(January 2016)
Roger Masterman (October 2015)
(September 2015) 
Jack Simson Caird, Robert Hazell and Dawn Oliver (August 2015)
Edited by Robert Hazell (April 2015) 
James Melton, Christine Stuart and Daniel Helen (March 2015)
Meg Russell and Tom Semlyen (February 2015)

Meg Russell and Daniel Gover (March 2014)
Jack Simson Caird, Robert Hazell and Dawn Oliver (January 2014)
(March 2014)
Meg Russell, Bob Morris and Phil Larkin (June 2013)
Gabrielle Bourke, Ben Worthy and Robert Hazell (July 2012)
Ben Worthy, Jim Amos, Robert Hazell and Gabrielle Bourke (December 2011)
Ben Worthy and Gabrielle Bourke (September 2011)
Meg Russell and Meghan Benton (June 2011)
Meg Russell, supported by Lord Adonis, Graham Allen MP, Baroness Boothroyd, Lord Butler of Brockwell, Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, Lord Dholakia, Baroness D’Souza, Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, Robert Hazell, Baroness Jay of Paddington, Lord Mackay of Clashfern, Lord Norton of Louth, Donald Shell, Lord Steel of Aikwood, Lord Stevenson of Coddenham, Baroness Williams of Crosby, Lord Woolf, and Tony Wright (April 2011)
Ben Yong and Robert Hazell (January 2011)
Robert Hazell (August 2010)
Robert Hazell (June 2010)
Robert Hazell (February 2010)
Robert Hazell, Akash Paun, Mark Chalmers, Dr Ben Yong and Dr Catherine Haddon (December 2009)
146An Elected Second Chamber: A Conservative View 
Andrew Tyrie MP, Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt MP and Roger Gough (editor) (July 2009)
145Strengthening Parliament’s Powers of Scrutiny? An assessment of the introduction of Public Bill Committees 
Jessica Levy (July 2009)
144Parliament’s Watchdogs: At The Crossroads 
Oonagh Gay & Barry K Winetrobe (eds.), in association with the UK Study of Parliament Group (December 2008)
143Church and State Some Reflections on Church Establishment in England
R.M. Morris (ed.) (March 2008)
142The House Rules? International lessons for enhancing the autonomy of the House of Commons
Meg Russell and Akash Paun (October 2007)
Robert Hazell (June 2007) 
140The House of Lords in 2006: Negotiating a Stronger Second Chamber
Meg Russell and Maria Sciara (January 2007)
138Old wine in New Bottles? Wales-Whitehall Relations after The Government Of Wales Act 2006
Alan Trench (January 2007)
137Tomorrow’s Government Lecture, RSA 
Lord Wilson of Dinton (December 2006)
136Time for a new Convention: Parliamentary Scrutiny of Constitutional Bills 1997-2005
Robert Hazell (May 2006)
135Managing Parliament Better? A Business Committee for the House of Commons
Meg Russell and Akash Paun (eds.) (August 2006)
134Freedom of Information: Balancing the Public Interest
Megan Carter and Andrew Bouris (May 2006)
133Church and State: A Mapping Exercise 
Frank Cranmer, John Lucas and Bob Morris (April 2006)
132The House of Lords in 2005: A more Representative and Assertive Chamber
Meg Russell and Maria Sciara (February 2006)
130The English Question
Robert Hazell (January 2006)
129Wave upon Wave: the Continuing Dynamism of Constitutional Reform
Robert Hazell (January 2006)
128Westminster and the English Question
Meg Russell and Guy Lodge (November 2005)
127From Strategy to Delivery: The future development of the Greater London Authority
Mark Sandford (November 2005)
125The Local Work of Scottish MP's and MSPs: Effects of Non-coterminous Boundaries and AMS
Jonathan Bradbury and Meg Russell (May 2005)
123Better Governance for Wales: An Analysis of the White Paper on Devolution for Wales
Alan Trench (August 2005)
122Regional Leadership in Public Health: Fragmented London and the London Health Commission
Scott Greer and Mark Sandford (September 2005)
John Woulds, Graham Sutton and Sarah Holsen (March 2005)
120Effective Scrutiny: Tools and intended outcomes
Mark Sandford (February 2005)
119Reforming the House of Lords: Breaking the Deadlock
Paul Tyler MP et al. (February 2005)
118A Practical Guide to the Data Protection Act
John Woulds (December 2004)
117The Scrutiny Role of Regional Assemblies
Mark Sandford (December 2004)
116The Development of scrutiny in the UK: An overview of procedures and practices
Mark Sandford and Lucinda Maer (February 2004)
115bFreedom of Information and Procurement Procuremnt: A Practical Guide for Public Authorities
Jim Amos and Prof Maeve McDonagh (November 2004)
115A Practical Guide to the Freedom of Information Act 2000
Jim Amos and Sarah Holsen (October 2004)
114Commentary on the Draft Regional Assemblies Bill
Mark Sandford (August 2004)
113Issues of Importance: The scrutiny role of the London Assembly
Mark Sandford and Lucinda Maer (June 2004)
112Is Britain Facing a Crisis of Democracy?
Catherine Bromley, John Curtice and Ben Seyd (June 2004)
111Select Committees under scrutiny
Mark Sandford & Lucinda Maer (June 2004)
110Coalition Government in Scotland and Wales
Ben Seyd (March 2004)
Independent Commission on PR (March 2004)
108Changing for Good - Devolution: The Silent Revolution
Rt Hon Peter Hain MP (March 2004)
107Old Habits Die Hard? Overview and Scrutiny in English local authorities
Mark Sandford and Lucinda Maer (January 2004)
106Four Way Bet: How devolution has led to four different models for the NHS
Scott Greer (February 2004)
105Next Steps in Lords Reform: Response to the September 2003 White Paper
Meg Russell and Robert Hazell (November 2003)
104Scrutiny under Devolution
Mark Sandford and Lucinda Maer (November 2003)
103Parliamentary Audit Scrutiny: Innovative and effective?
Oonagh Gay and Barry K Winetrobe (April 2003)
102Regulating the Behaviour of Ministers, Civil Servants and Special Advisers
Simon King
101Intergovernmental Relations in Canada: Lessons for the UK
Alan Trench (October 2003)
100Officers of Parliament - Transforming the role
Oonagh Gay and Barry K Winetrobe (April 2003)
99Fixing London
Scott Greer and Mark Sandford (February 2003)
98Achievements of the Scottish Parliament, State of the Nations Annual Lecture
Sir David Steel MSP (February 2003)
97Balancing the Public Interest: Applying the public interest test to exemptions in the UK Freedom of Information Act 2000
Meredith Cook (August 2003)
96Inclusiveness of Regional Chambers
Mark Sandford (October 2002)
95Survey of Data Protection Officers
Meredith Cook (September 2002)
94The Cornish Question—Devolution to the South-West
Mark Sandford (September 2002)
93Access to Personal Information - A handbook for officials
John Woulds (July 2002)
92A Comment on the Government’s Regional Government White Paper
Mark Sandford (June 2002)
91The Regulation of Parliamentary Standards - A Comparative Perspective
Oonagh Gay (May 2002)
90A New Supreme Court for the United Kingdom, Constitution Unit Annual Lecture
Lord Bingham of Cornhill (May 2002)
89Women’s Political Participation in the UK
Meg Russell, Joni Lovenduski and Mary-Ann Stephenson (May 2002)
88Whitehall and the Human Rights Act 1998: The First Year
Jeremy Croft (March 2002)
87Has Constitutional Reform ‘Reconnected’ Voters with their Government?
Ben Seyd (February 2002)
86Commentary on the White Paper: The House of Lords—Completing the Reform
Robert Hazell (January 2002)
85A Modern Parliament in a Modern Democracy, State of the Union Annual Lecture
Rt Hon Robin Cook MP (December 2001)
84Coalition Government in Britain: Lessons from Overseas
Ben Seyd (January 2002)
83Further Steps for Regional Chambers
Mark Sandford (December 2001)
82Realising the Vision: a Parliament with a Purpose. An audit of the first year of the Scottish Parliament
Barry K Winetrobe (October 2001)
81Regional Government and Public Health
Scott Greer and Mark Sandford (November 2001)
79The Women's Representation Bill: Making it Happen
Meg Russell (July 2001)
78The Human Rights Act 1998 and Access to NHS Treatment and Services: A Practical Guide
Elizabeth Haggett (July 2001)
77Unexplored Territory: Elected Regional Assemblies in England
Mark Sandford and Paul McQuail (July 2001)
76The Future of the United Kingdom’s Highest Courts
Andrew le Sueur and Richard Cornes (July 2001)
75The Functions of Intergovernmental Agreements: Post-Devolution Concordats in a Comparative Perspective
Johanne Poirier (June 2001)
74A Democratic Design? The political style of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Rick Wilford and Robin Wilson (May 2001)
73What we already know: Lessons on Voting Reform from Britain’s first PR Elections
Philip Cowley, John Curtice, Stephen Lochone and Ben Seyd (May 2001)
72What is the Future for the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council?
Andrew le Sueur (May 2001)
71A Practical Guide to the Freedom of Information Act 2000
Jim Amos, Dick Baxter, Jeremy Croft and Robert Hazell (March 2001)
70Unfinished Business: Implementing Labour’s Constitutional Reform Agenda for the Second Term
Robert Hazell (May 2001)
69Three into One Won’t Go: the Future of the Territorial Secretaries of State
Robert Hazell (March 2001)
68Scotland’s Place in Europe
Jo Murkens (February 2001)
67The Commons: Reform or Modernisation
Andrew Kennon (January 2001)
66An Unstable Union: Devolution and the English Question
Robert Hazell (December 2000)
65Managing Conflicts after Devolution: A Toolkit for Civil Servants
Lucy Hunter (December 2000)
64Regional Government in France and Spain
Andy Smith and Paul Haywood (August 2000)
63Parliamentary Scrutiny of Draft Legislation 1997-1999
Greg Power (August 2000)
62Wakeham in the Long Grass: Can The Lords Guard Democracy?
Lord Alexander of Weedon (June 2000)
61Whitehall and the Human Rights Act 1998
Jeremy Croft (October 2000)
60Women’s Representation in UK Politics: What can be done within the Law?
Meg Russell (June 2000)
59What do the Top Courts Do?
Andrew le Sueur and Richard Cornes (June 2000)
58The Future of the House of Lords: Conference Papers 
Various authors (April 2000)
57Wise After the Event? Attitudes to Voting Reform Following the 1999 Scottish and Welsh Elections
John Curtice, Ben Seyd, Alison Park and Katarina Thomson (March 2000)
56A Guide for Business to the FOI Act 2000 (update)
Jim Amos and Gordon Innes (March 2000)
55Commentary on the Wakeham Report on Reform of the House of Lords
Meg Russell and Robert Hazell (February 2000)
54Devolution and Health: First Annual Report
Paul Jervis and William Plowden (eds.) (February 2000)
53Rights and Responsibilities in the New Democracy
Rt Hon Jack Straw MP (October 1999)
52The House of Lords: In Defence of Human Rights
Aisling Reidy (October 1999)
51Issues Around Scottish Independence
David Sinclair (September 1999)
50Representing the Nations & Regions in a New Upper House
Meg Russell (June 1999)
49A Human Rights Committee for Westminster
Aisling Reidy (June 1999)
48Commentary on the Draft Freedom of Information Bill
Robert Hazell (June 1999)
47Freedom of Information and Business
Jim Amos (June 1999)
46Populism or Pluralism? New Labour and the Consititution
Professor David Marquand (May 1999)
45A Transitional House of Lords: The numbers
Ben Seyd (June 1999)
44Second Chambers as Constitutional Guardians and Protectors of Human Rights
Meg Russell and Aisling Reidy (June 1999)
43Second Chambers: Resolving Deadlock
Meg Russell (May 1999)
42Reforming the Lords: The role of the Law Lords
Richard Cornes (May 1999)
41Reforming the Lords: The role of the Bishops
Janet Lewis-Jones (May 1999)
Meg Russell (May 1999)
39A Directly Elected Upper House?
Meg Russell (May 1999)
38The Constitutionalisation of Public Law
Lord Steyn (May 1999)
37The Impact of the Human Rights Act: Lessons from Canada and New Zealand
Aisling Reidy (May 1999)
36A Vocationally Based Upper House? Lessons from Ireland
Meg Russell (February 1999)
35Government's Programme of Constitutional Reform
Lord Irvine of Lairg (May 1999)
34'Democracy Day' Planning for the Referendums on PR and Lords reform
Ben Seyd (March 1999)
33Re-inventing the Constitution: Can the State Survive?
Robert Hazell (November 1998)
32A Panacea for Local Government? The Role of PR
David Sinclair (November 1998)
31New Electoral Systems: What Voters Need to Know
Clarissa White, Alan Hedges and Ben Seyd (March 1998)
30Quinquennial Review of the Local Government Commission
Robert Hazell (March 1998)
29An Appointed Upper House: Lessons from Canada
Meg Russell (November 1998)
28The British-Irish Council: Nordic Lessons for the Council of the Isles
Mads Qvortrup and Robert Hazell (October 1998)
27Single Chamber Parliaments: A Comparative Study 2
Richard Cornes (September 1998)
26Multi-Layer Democracy in Germany: Insights for Scottish Devolution
Dr Charlie Jeffery (July 1998)
25The British-Irish Agreement: Power-Sharing Plus
Brendan O'Leary (June 1998)
24Checks and Balances in Single Chamber Parliaments: A Comparative Study 1
Richard Cornes (February 1998)
23Electoral Reform in New Zealand: Lessons for the UK
Ben Seyd (August 1998)
21Devolution and Health: Final Report
Robert Hazell and Paul Jervis (June 1998)
20Elections Under Regional Lists: A Guide to the New System for Electing MEPs
Ben Seyd (January 1998)
19Commentary on the Freedom of Information White Paper
Robert Hazell (January 1998)
18Rebalancing the Lords: The Numbers
Ben Seyd (January 1998)
17Reforming the Lords: A step by step guide
Robert Hazell and Ben Seyd (January 1998)
16Rights Brought Home: A Briefing on the Human Rights Bill with amendments
Francesa Klug with Rabinder Singh and Murray Hunt (November 1997)
15Commentary on the Welsh White Paper
Robert Hazell (September 1997)
14Constitutional Reform and the New Labour Government
Robert Hazell (July 1997)
13Delivering Constitutional Reform: The Collected Briefings
Robert Hazell (July 1997)

(March 1997) 

(March 1997) 

(March 1997)
9Introducing Freedom of Information
Robert Hazell (January 1997)
(June 1996) 
7Report of the Commission on the Conduct of Referendums 
Various members (November 1996)
6Human Rights Legislation
Nicole Smith (November 1996)
5Regional Government in England
Paul McQuail (June 1996)
4An Assembly for Wales
Robert Hazell (June 1996)
3Scotland's Parliament: Fundamentals for a New Scotland Act
Graham Leicester (June 1996)
Nicole Smith (April 1996)
1Delivering Constitutional Reform
Nicole Smith and Katy Donnelly (April 1996)