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Honorary Senior Research Associate Email: awhysall@gmail.coma.whysall@ucl.ac.uk

Alan Whysall has for most of the last 20 years been involved with the Northern Ireland peace process as a senior British civil servant in the Northern Ireland Office (with spells in the Cabinet Office in London). He left British Government in summer 2015 and is now Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Constitution Unit at University College London.


Blogs by Alan Whysall 

The Good Friday Agreement at 20: what’s next for Northern Ireland?

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Yesterday, in the first of two blogs on the Good Friday Agreement, Alan Whysall discussed where the Agreement had gone wrong and the benefits it has brought Northern Ireland since it was signed in April 1998. In this post, Alan looks at the future of the Agreement, a document he was involved in negotiating and implementing […]

The Good Friday Agreement at 20: what went wrong?

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Good Friday Agreement (also known as the Belfast Agreement) is 20 years old today, but recent events in Northern Ireland have shown that power-sharing has proven a difficult exercise. Alan Whysall, who was involved in the negotiations that led to the Agreement as well as its implementation, examines what has gone wrong since the Agreement was […]

Northern Ireland talks: is a deal in prospect?

Wednesday, 04 October 2017

Northern Ireland remains without a government. Dialogue has resumed, but the climate is conflictual, and exacerbated by Brexit. The foundations of the Good Friday Agreement may now be seriously shaken. There is some talk of a deal being in prospect, but room for doubt that anything lasting can be achieved. Alan Whysall provides an update […]

Following the general election, where now for Northern Ireland?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The general election result has done little to halt the steady unravelling of the political situation in Northern Ireland, and may accelerate it. In this post Alan Whysall discusses the implications of the confidence and supply agreement between the Conservatives and DUP, expected to be agreed in the coming days, and what might happen next. […]

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