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Alan Trench

Alan Trench

Email: alan.trench@ed.ac.uk

Alan Trench is an honorary senior research fellow at the Constitution Unit, and is also associated with the School of Social and Political Studies at the University of Edinburgh.  After studying politics at university, he trained as a solicitor and practised law, mainly in local government, for six years before joining the Constitution Unit as a senior research fellow in 2001.  He became a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh in 2007. 

He has published widely on various aspects of devolution in the UK, including on intergovernmental relations, the developing Welsh constitution, and devolution finance.  He has also done comparative work on a range of federal and decentralised systems including Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and (most recently) Brazil.  He is constitutional adviser to Tomorrow’s Wales/Cymru Yfory, a campaign group concerned with extending devolution in Wales, and was specialist adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Barnett Formula in 2008-09, and the House of Lords Constitution Committee for its inquiry into ‘Devolution: Inter-Institutional Relations in the United Kingdom’ in 2002-03.  He has undertaken consultancy and commissioned research work for a range of clients including the Nuffield Trust, Age Concern and Universities UK. 

He is author of the blog, ‘Devolution Matters’, at http://devolutionmatters.wordpress.com/