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First meeting of the Independent Commission on Referendums

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Independent Commission on Referendums

On Monday 16 October, the Independent Commission on Referendums meet for the first time to discuss the use and conduct of referendums in the UK. The Commission will meet over 8 months, take evidence, and produce a report and detailed recommendations in summer 2018.

New group of experts to consider rule of law implications of Brexit Bill

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EU Withdrawal Bill working group

Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, the former Attorney General, is to chair a new group of experts brought together to consider the implications of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill for the rule of law. The Expert Working Group on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and the Rule of Law, set up by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law in partnership with the Constitution Unit, will meet for the first time at Westminster today, Monday 9 October.

Results of Citizens' Assembly on Brexit: UK voters want a soft Brexit 

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Voting options for Citizens' Assembly on Brexit

A representative body of UK citizens today sent politicians a clear message in favour of a ‘soft’ Brexit. Faced with the range of possible outcomes, they chose to retain free movement of labour, but with the UK government exercising all available controls to prevent abuse. If a deal can’t be reached in negotiations on trade, staying in the Single Market and Customs Union was preferred to no deal at all.

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