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Public Seminars

Seminar Programme 2013-14

The Committee on Standards in Public Life—a new lease of life after 19 yrs
Peter Riddell & Richard Thomas
Wednesday 02 October, 1pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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Scotland's Choices: What Does 'No' Mean?
Jim Gallagher
Wednesday, 16 October 1pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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The House of Lords: Westminster Bicameralism Revived
Meg Russell & Mark D'Arcy
Tuesday, 12 November 6pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre G. 03, 26 Bedford Way

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Exploring Constitute:  A New Tool for Searching National Constitutions
James Melton
Wednesday 11 December 2013, 1pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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Accountability and Leadership in 21st Century Whitehall

Bernard Jenkin MP
Wednesday 22nd January 2014, 1pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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Constitutional Reform in the Age of Arab Revolutions: Overcoming the Legacy of Totalitarianism
Zaid Al-Ali
Monday 10 Feburary 2014, 1pm
Venue: Lecture theatre LG04, 26 Bedford Way

*Joint Seminar with Institute of Global Governance

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Parliament's Role in the Use of Military Action After the Syria Vote: the New Constitutional Convention and the Next Steps
Gavin Phillipson
Monday 10 March 2014, 6pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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Reforming Electoral Administration, Preparing for the 2015 Election

Jenny Watson
Wednesday 26 March 2014, 1pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq
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Fruitcakes, Loonies, Closet racists and Winners?: Europe, the European Elections and the Rise of Ukip
Joe Twyman
Tuesday 13 May 2014, 1pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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The Irish Constitutional Convention, 2012-14
Professor David Farrell
Wednesday 21 May 2014, 6pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

What of Wales? Putting Wales at the heart of constitutional change in Britain
Leanne Wood AM
Wednesday 11th June, 6pm
Venue: Council Room, 29-30 Tavistock Sq

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These seminars are funded by her family in memory of Barbara Farbey, late of UCL, who greatly enjoyed them and who died in 2009.

What is the series?

Our seminars cover all areas of the constitution and open debate on a range of issues. We try to keep the programme topical and interesting and generate well informed and lively discussion between the speaker and our audience. We have broad discussions with high profile speakers as well as exploring more technical issues. We aim to keep the seminars accessible to all and film them for debate beyond the room.

Who are the seminars for?

The seminars are completely free and open to all. The presentations are filmed, however the Q&A is strictly under Chatham House Rule in order to facilitate an open and frank discussion. Our audience is wide-ranging, from official, academics and practitioners to students and interested members of the public. We aim to give you the opportunity to debate with those in the know.

When and where do the seminars take place?

The seminars are generally held at the Constitution Unit and can either be a lunchtime or evening event. Presentations are usually 30-40 minutes with another 20 for Q&A. Refreshments are always available before or after the event where participants can continue discussions informally. 

How do I sign up?

You need to register for individual events through our events page. Otherwise please contact Ben Webb (, 0207 679 4977) with any queries.




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