The Constitution Unit


Representation in Britain

18 June 2018

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Drawing on a four-year ESRC funded study of parliamentary candidates standing in the 2015 and 2017 general elections, this event shares research and insights into key questions around selection, campaigning, election and representation in Britain. Who are our parliamentary candidates? What motivates them to stand? How much does it cost to run? Are they representative of the constituents they serve?


  • Prof Rosie Campbell (Birbeck), Introduction, overview, key findings 
  • Research insights: Dr Sofia Collingnon Delmar (Royal Holoway), More than a nuisance: Candidates' experiences of harassment during the 2017 General Election'; Dr Stefanie Reher (Strathclyde), 'Do disabled candidates represent disabled citizens?'; Dr Javie Sajuria (Queen Mary), 'It's mostly about perceptions: Localness and localism in UK general elections'; Dr Maria Sobolewska (Manchester), 'How is the sausage made? Why are ethnic minority MPs representating ethnic minority voters?
  • Lord Hayward, report response 

Chair: Dr Jennifer Hudson, UCL

The Representative Audit of Britain is funded by the Economic Social and Research Council. The research team includes academics across eight British universities:

Professor Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck), Dr Jennifer Hudson (UCL), Dr Wolfgang Rüdig (Strathclyde), Dr Peter Allen (Bath), Professor Sarah Childs (Birkbeck), Dr Sofia Collignon Delmar (Royal Holloway), Dr Chrysa Lamprinakou (Birkbeck), Professor Joni Lovenduksi (Birkbeck), Dr Caitlin Milazzo (Nottingham), Dr Javier Sajuria (Queen Mary) & Dr Maria Sobolewska (Manchester).