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Dr Luke Moore

Dr Luke Moore

Position: Teaching Fellow
Location: 2.02, 31 Tavistock Square
Email: luke.moore@ucl.ac.uk

Research interests

Luke's research interests are in British politics, legislative behaviour and Euroscepticism. Luke recently completed his doctoral research which focused on divisions within the UK Conservative Party over European integration. In particular the thesis considered the ideological grounds on which MPs base their policy stances and how the selection process affected ideological composition of the Parliamentary Party.


“Policy, Office and Votes: Conservative MPS and the Brexit Referendum.” (2018) Parliamentary Affairs, 71(1) 1-27

“Groups and the Limited Pluralism of the Set-Piece Consultation” (2012) The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 14(1) 175–186. Co-authored as part of the LSE GV314 Group


Luke teaches two courses at UCL:

PUBL0033: Parliaments, Political Parties and Policy Making

PUBL0030: British Government and Politics

Outside of UCL Luke has taught politics for several years for the University of Oxford and the University of Virginia. The subjects he has tutored include comparative politics, US politics and political sociology.


Luke completed his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford (St Cross College). He has an MA in Public Policy from the University of York and a BSc in Government from the London School of Economics.