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Constitution Unit Fellows are senior academics at other universities who are closely associated with our work, and who contribute frequently to our publications, events and/or research.

Professor Justin Fisher 

Justin Fisher is Professor of Political Science, Director of the Magna Carta Institute and Head of the Department of Politics, History & the Brunel Law School at Brunel University London. He has acted as an advisor to many political bodies, including Parliament, the Ministry of Justice, the Committee on Standards in Public Life, the Electoral Commission and the Council of Europe. His work focuses principally on political parties and elections - especially areas related to party finance and campaigning. He is currently Principal Investigator of an ESRC-funded study of Constituency Campaigning at the 2015 General ElectionFull Profile 

Professor Michael Kenny

Professor Michael Kenny is Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. Prior to Cambridge, Michael held positions at: Queen's University, Belfast; the University of Sheffield, where he was appointed Head of Department; and Queen Mary University of London, where he was the inaugural Director of the Mile End Institute. He currently sits on the Leverhulme Trust's Advisory Committee, is co-director of the British Academy's "Governing England" programme, and is a member of an external experts panel convened by the Scottish Parliament to advise on the constitutional implications of Brexit.Fellow at the Centre on Constitutional Change. > Full Profile 

Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira 

Cristina Leston-Bandeira is Professor of Politics at the School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds. She is the Co-Convenor of the PSA Parliaments and Legislatures specialist group and she works in the area of comparative legislatures. Cristina's research has recently focused on parliament and public engagement and she is currently co-leading a project on how the UK Parliament engages the public in the legislative process. Full Profile

Professor Andrew Le Sueur

Andrew Le Sueur is Professor of Constitutional Justice at the University of Essex and is involved in practical law reform issues as a member of the Jersey Law Commission. His interests span constitutional and administrative law, including courts and the 'justice infrastructure', judicial review and the challenges faced by very small legal systems. He is part of the team leading development of the Nuffield Foundation's cross disciplinary UK Administrative Justice Institute. Full Profile

Professor Kate Malleson 

Kate Malleson is Professor of Law at Queen Mary University of London. Her main research interests are the judiciary, the legal system and the constitution. She has a particular interest in judicial selection processes and the challenge of increasing diversity in the composition of the judiciary. She recently completed, with colleagues from the Constitution Unit and Birmingham University, a three year AHRC funded project on 'The politics of judicial independence in the UK's changing constitution'. Its finding were published in a book of the same title by CUP in 2015. Full Profile

Professor Nicola McEwen

Nicola McEwen is a Professor of Public Policy and Governance in the College of Social Sciences and Director of the Centre for Public Policy at the University of Glasgow. Nicola was previously at Edinburgh University from 2001, first as Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer in 2006, and as Professor of Territorial Politics from 2014. She was founding Co-Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change, where she remains a Research Fellow. From 2019-2022 Nicola lead research on intergovernmental relations as part of the ESRC-funded project, Between Two Unions: The Constitutional Future of the Islands after Brexit. She has published widely in the field of territorial politics, multi-level government and nationalism, and is actively involved in informing debate within the wider policy and political community, through media work, consultancy and public engagement. She convenes the Scottish Parliament External Experts Panel, and is currently a seconded adviser on intergovernmental relations in the Scottish Government. Full Profile 

Professor Petra Schleiter

Petra Schleiter is Professor of Comparative Politics at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford. Petra is a comparative political scientist whose research examines how political institutions shape representation and accountability. Her comparative approach informs her work on the UK constitution. She has published on the implications of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (2011), the UK's caretaker conventions and recognition rules, placing these constitutional features in comparative context. She regularly gives evidence to parliamentary committees. Full Profile

Professor Richard Wyn Jones

Richard Wyn Jones is Director of the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University and has written extensively on constitutional developments in Wales, on nationalism, and on sub-state regional governance in Europe. Richard has also been centrally involved in all the election surveys conducted in Wales since 1997 and is Co-Director of the Future of England Surveys that have traced the growing politicisation of English national identity. Full Profile