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Akash Paun

Akash Paun

Honorary Senior Research Associate

Email: Akash.Paun@instituteforgovernment.org.uk

Akash is a Fellow of the Institute for Government. He leads the Institute's work on devolution to the nations and relations between the UK's four governments, which included an ESRC-funded project in 2014 on Governing after the referendum. He has previously carried out research on subjects including coalition and minority government, civil service accountability, and the role of parliamentary select committees.

Akash's recent publications include a 2015 study of the challenges for Westminster and Whitehall in the event of another hung parliament and a 2014 report on future constitutional scenarios for Scotland and the UK.

He is a regular commentator in the media on constitutional matters and has appeared as an expert witness before several parliamentary committees. He writes on constitutional matters for the Institute for Government blog and other outlets including the blogs of the Constitution Unit, Centre for Constitutional Change and Democratic Audit.

Prior to joining the Institute for Government, Akash was a researcher for four years here at the Constitution Unit, where he worked on projects including the Devolution Monitoring Programme and the Nuffield-funded Governance of Parliament project.

He can be followed on twitter at @akashpaun