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Booking now open. CHArt conference 12-13 November 2009

28 August 2009



Thursday 12 - Friday 13 November 2009

Birkbeck, University of London, Clore Lecture Theatre, Clore Management Centre, Torrington Square, London, WC1 7HX.


This year's CHArt conference engages with the idea of object and identity in relation to art practice, production, consumption, representation and display. The conference will explore new notions of the identity of the artist, including those involving collaboration and anonymity; new conceptions and ontologies of the art object, as processual, virtual, or hybrid; new means of consumption and reception, whether in galleries and museums, in public spaces, or over networks of broadcast and narrowcast; and the challenges these transformations bring to the display of art and to its curation and access.

Places are limited so early booking is recommended.

The booking form is available online on<>.  Bookings made before 1 October 2009 will be entitled to a discount.  Conference fees (pounds sterling) - include coffee/tea breaks and lunch.



KEYNOTE – Frieder Nake, University of Bremen, Germany.
Only Artist. Only Engineer. Only Critic. Transcending Disciplines in Early Digital Art.


Patterns of Movement in Live Languages.
Alex McLean, Geraint Wiggins, Goldsmiths, University of London.

The Software in Art.
Ernest Edmonds, University of Technology Sydney.

Interfaces of Performance.
Maria Chatzichristodoulou (Maria X), University of Hull; Janis Jefferies, Goldsmiths, University of London; Rachel Zerihan, Queen Mary University of London.

The Screaming Head: Making the Most of the Random Attributes of Sensors in the Construction of a Virtual Performer.
Mary Oliver, University of Salford.


Making Connections: Children, Objects, Meanings and Museums.
Helena Tomlin and Irit Narkiss, The Manchester Museum.

Art and Orphan Works:  Ownership and Discovery.
Annette Ward, Scottish Power; Annsley Merelle Ward, Gallant Macmillan LLP; James Stevenson, Victoria and Albert Museum; Stephen McKenna, Ian Ricketts, University of Dundee.

Emergent questions: Digitisation, Cultural Heritage and the Social Agency of Images.
Devorah Romanek, The British Museum.

Cut and Paste Art History: Image Manipulation as Spurious Art Historical Proof of the Face of Shakespeare.
Marcus Risdell, Garrick Club.


Re-Materialisation of the Art Object.
Dew Harrison, University of Wolverhampton.

Puppeteers, Performers or Avatars: A Perceptual Difference in Telematic Space.
Paul Sermon, University of Salford.

The Work of Art in the Age of Virtual Production.
Andrew Sempere, IBM Watson Research.

The Creative Use of Online Social Networking Sites to Increase Public Engagement and Participation in the Professional Arts Through Collaborative Involvement in Creative Practice.
Sophy Smith, De Montfort University, Leicester.

(The CHArt Annual General Meeting will take place at the end of day 1)



The Role of Art in Computer Game Design.
Colin B. Price, June S. Moore, University of Worcester.

The Artist as Designer, the Artist as User: Developing a Collaborative Framework for Artistic Engagement in ICT Design.
Frederik Lesage, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Big Bird is Watching You! Art, Activism and Technology in the Public Arena.
Denitsa Petrova, Edinburgh College of Art.

Are You Clean? Parasitic Art and Privacy.
Jeremy Pilcher, Lancaster University.


Software Maintenance.
Wayne Clements, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Databasing the Arts:The Enactment of Art Objects in Networked Infrastructures.
Sarah de Rijcke, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

ArtLog: An Electronic Archive of Artistic Process
Yvonne Desmond, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Try to Get that Kindle Signed: The Comic Book as Cultural Interface
Ernesto Priego, University College London.


The Case of Liberation Aesthetics Versus Digital Identit(ies).
Timothy Allen Jackson, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA.

Performing Information.
Christoph Klütsch, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA.

Putting Lipstick on the Golem?
John Lifton, Lifton Zoline International LLC and Institut Slavonice.

Curation as High-Level Programming.
Gabriel Menotti, Goldsmiths, University of London.


CHArt Member: TWO DAYS £120 (£100 before 1 Oct 2009)
CHArt Member: ONE DAY £80 (£70 before 1 Oct 2009)
Non-member: TWO DAYS £160 (£140 before 1 Oct 2009)
Non-member: ONE DAY £110 (£100 before 1 Oct 2009)
CHArt Student Member: TWO DAYS £65 £45 before 1 Oct 2009)
CHArt Student Member: ONE DAY £45(£35 before 1 Oct 2009)
Student Non-member: TWO DAYS £85 (£65 before 1 Oct 2009)
Student Non-member: ONE DAY £55 (£45 before 1 Oct 2009)