Condensed Matter & Materials Physics


UCL CMMP Summer Projects 2012

CMMP Summer Projects offered in 2012

PI: Dave Bowler
Student: Jacub Vrtny
Project: Adsorbates and nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces

PI: Andrew Fisher
Student: James Cockburn
Project: Theory of electrical spin detection in nanoscale devices

PI: Steven Hepplestone
Student: Jose Moreno De Guerra
Project: Maximising the thermoelectric effect in superlattices: an analytic expression for the phonon contribution to the thermal conductivity

PI: Cyrus Hirjibehedin
Student: Toby Gill
Project: X-ray Magnetic Circular Dischroism (XMCD) of Spin Cross Over Molecules (SCO)

PI: Bart Hoogenboom
Student: Ruth Thompson
Project: Imaging DNA-substrate interactions by atomic force microscopy

PI: Bart Hoogenboom
Student: Sebastian Hoof
Project: Bio-AFM by magnetic resonance-enhancement

PI: Ian Robinson
Student: Henry Charlesworth
Project: Optical ptychography of birefringent optical films

PI: Steven Schofield
Student: Noah Waterfield Price (University of Oxford)
Project: Dynamic tracking of organic molecules on semiconductors using STM and DFT

PI: Steven Schofield
Student: Charlotte Stokes (Queen Mary University of London)
Project: Exploring Conductive AFM

PI: Neal Skipper
Student: Amanda Taylor

PI: Nguyen T.K. Thanh
Student: Naitik Ashokkumar Panjwani

PI: Paul A. Warburton / Marina Panfilova
Student: Mohammed Kashim Bin Subhan
Project: X-ray diffraction on semiconducting nanowires