Condensed Matter & Materials Physics


Organic Spintronics

Plastic electronics promises cheap and flexible devices for applications from wearable gadgets to novel security devices. However, this technology is still much slower than even the slowest of silicon based integrated circuits. A possible way that we see to enhance the potential of organic semiconductors for fast and efficient information processing is to use the spin rather than charge degree of freedom as the physical realization of the information that is being transferred, stored or processed. Our interdisciplinary project between three physicists and a chemist aims to pursue this avenue via a combination of synthetic chemistry, magneto-transport, and magneto-optics measurements, using the facilities of the London Centre for Nanotechnology. The project student will benefit from involvement with the most advanced capabilities and ideas in organic nanofabrication and diagnostics

Contacts: Christoph Renner, Franco Cacialli, Daren Caruana, and Gabriel Aeppli