Condensed Matter & Materials Physics


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Fotopoulos, V., O’Hern, C.S., Shattuck, M.D. and Shluger, A.L., 2024. Modeling the Effects of Varying the Ti Concentration on the Mechanical Properties of Cu–Ti Alloys. ACS Omega.

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Berens, J., Mistry, M.V., Waldhör, D., Shluger, A., Pobegen, G. and Grasser, T., 2022. Origin of trap assisted tunnelling in ammonia annealed SiC trench MOSFETs. Microelectronics Reliability139, p.114789.

Kiyohara, S., Mora-Fonz, D., Shluger, A., Kumagai, Y. and Oba, F., 2022. Unique Atomic and Electronic Structures of Oxygen Vacancies in Amorphous SnO2 from First Principles and Informatics. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

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Strand, J., La Torraca, P., Padovani, A., Larcher, L. and Shluger, A.L., 2022. Dielectric breakdown in HfO2 dielectrics: Using multiscale modeling to identify the critical physical processes involved in oxide degradation. Journal of Applied Physics131(23), p.234501.

Pešić, M., Padovani, A., Rollo, T., Beltrando, B., Strand, J., Agrawal, P., Shluger, A. and Larcher, L., 2022, May. Variability and disturb sources in ferroelectric 3D NANDs and comparison to Charge-Trap equivalents. In 2022 IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

Farmer, J., Veksler, D., Tang, E., Bersuker, G., Gao, D.Z., El-Sayed, A.M., Durrant, T., Shluger, A., Rueckes, T., Cleveland, L. and Luan, H., 2022, March. Combining measurements and modeling/simulations analysis to assess carbon nanotube memory cell characteristics. In 2022 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) (pp. P36-1). IEEE.

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