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[News] UCL researchers win INCITE supercomputer award

4 February 2013

UCL researchers investigating non-covalent bonding in complex molecular systems have been awarded time on leading US supercomputers worth an estimated £5.

5m by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).
Professor Dario Alfe (UCL Earth Sciences), Professor Angelos Michaelides (London Centre for Nanotechnology) and Professor Mike Gillan (UCL Physics & Astronomy & member of the CMMP Group), working with academics from the University of Cambridge, the University of Pittsburgh, the Fritz-Haber Institute and Argonne National Laboratory have been awarded 95 million hours of computing time at the Argonne National Laboratory.
The INCITE programme enables academic researchers working on computationally intensive projects that address grand challenges in science and engineering to access high-performance computing facilities.