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Centre for Organisational Network Analysis

The School of Sustainable Construction's research into project-based networks is coordinated through the Centre for Organisational Network Analysis (CONA).

UCL Centre for Organisational Network Analysis


CONA aims to facilitate a network of individuals from industry and academia who have an interest in improving the effectiveness of organisations through the use of organisational network analysis (ONA). CONA’s vision is to increase the understanding and use of ONA through training, research, knowledge transfer and consultancy.

There is great deal of work published dealing with theory and method in ONA. At the same time many practitioners regard organisational network analysis (ONA) as too complex to be used to solve the problems that they encounter in structuring and managing their organisations. 

ONA has the potential to help organisations design organisational systems that provide effective communications related to functional networks, optimise contractual arrangements through contracts designed to reflect the relationship configurations required by clients and project stakeholders, and identify appropriate incentives.


Recent publications

Evaluation of collaborative teams for complex infrastructure projects through Social Network Analysis (2017)

This report on understanding the behaviour of collaborative networks engaging in highly complex major infrastructure projects through social network analysis was developed through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Transport for London.


Managing Networks in Project-Based Organisations (2017)

This book by CONA Director Dr Stephen Pryke provides project managers and students with essential knowledge of innovative applications of social network analysis (SNA) for observing, analysing, and managing complex projects. The book demonstrates how the principles of social network analysis can be used to provide a smarter, more efficient, holistic approach to managing complex projects.

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Papers and journal articles

Pryke, S, Badi, S, Almadhoob, H, Soundararaj, B, and Addyman, S (2018)
Self-organizing networks in complex infrastructure projects
Project Management Journal, 49(2), 18-41

Badi, S, Wang, L, and Pryke, S (2017)
Relationship marketing in Guanxi networks: A social network analysis study of Chinese construction small and medium-sized enterprises
Industrial Marketing Management, 60, 204-218

Pryke,S, Badi, S, and Bygballe, L (2017). 
Editorial for the special issue on social networks in construction
Construction Management and Economics, 35(8-9): 445-454

Shepherd, RK and Pryke, SD (2014)
Regional rail planning; a study of the importance of 'steering' and 'pragmatism' in stakeholder networks
European Management Journal, 32(4), 616-624

Case studies

These case studies consider how ONA can be used to address business needs for a range of different clients, and outline the potential benefits of integrating ONA into business processes.


The Centre for Organisational Network Anaylsis was founded by Professor Stephen Pryke. School staff and PhD students with specialisms across a range of sectors, including construction and transport both in the UK and internationally, contribute to CONA's research projects.

Professor Stephen Pryke

Stephen was Emeritus Professor of Supply Chain and Project Networks at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction. His main research interests involved supply chain management and the application of social network analysis in the study of construction project networks.

Dr Eun Young (EY) Song

EY is a Research Associate at the School of Sustainable Construction. Her research interests include economic sociology, institutional theory, and social network analysis.

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Dr Antoine Vernet

Antoine is Lecturer in Management at the School of Sustainable Construction, programme leader of the MSc in Strategic Management of Projects, and Director of CONA.

His main research interest is in understanding how people make decisions and adapt their behaviour. He has a strong interest in how social networks infulence behaviour and decisions.

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