UCL Computer Science



We have a diverse community of world leading cybersecurity researchers at UCL

Computer Science

Prof George Danezis: privacy, applied cryptography, and distributed systems security

Prof Angela Sasse: usable security, organizational security

Prof Emiliano De Cristofaro: genomic privacy, applied cryptography, on-line propaganda / hate speech / fake news, and internet measurements

Dr Steven Murdoch: privacy, authentication and banking security

Dr Sarah Meiklejohn: cryptocurrencies, underground markets, and cryptography

Dr Nicolas Courtois: symmetric key cryptography and cryptocurrencies

Dr Philipp Jovanovic: applied cryptography, cryptocurrencies, distributed systems, privacy

Dr Marie Vasek: cryptocurrencies, cybercrime, security economics

Prof David Pym: logic, systems modelling, security policy & security economics

Prof Alexandra Silva: verification

Dr James Brotherstonverification, automated reasoning and logic

Prof Peter O’Hearn: verification & testing

Prof Byron Cook: verification

Prof Jade Alglave: verification of CPUs, side-channels dealing with logic and algebra and their applications to the correctness and security of systems, programs, networks, and protocols, including security protocols and organizational modelling; 

Prof Brad Karp: networks and distributed systems security

Prof Mark Handley: operating systems, networking and distributed systems security

Dr Emmanuel Letier: requirements engineering & security

Dr Earl Barr: security testing, secure software engineering methodologies, malware and binary analysis

Dr Jens Krinke: security testing, secure software engineering methodologies, malware and binary analysis

Dr David Clark: security testing, secure software engineering methodologies, malware and binary analysis

Prof Tomaso Aste: financial technology, blockchains

Prof Anna Cox: watermarking and copyright protection

Prof Steven Hailes: robotics, infrastructure, Internet of Things, and manufacturing security

Dr Christoph Haase: verification, complexity theory

Dr Mirco Musolesi: machine learning/artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

Dr Licia Capra: computational social science

Dr Stefano Vissicchio: internet routing, reliability and security

The Department of Security and Crime Science

Prof Richard Wortley: situational crime prevention, online child protection and abuse

Prof Kate Bowers: quantitative methods in crime analysis and crime prevention, including hybrid online and offline criminality

Prof Shane Johnson: cyber crime, Internet of Things, policy evaluation, emerging technologies, useable security

Dr Ingolf Becker: Usable cybersecurity, cybercrime, research methods in the cyber space, organisational security, dark marketplaces, banking security, developer-centred security, measurements, behaviour change

Dr Bennett Kleinberginformation prioritisation, decision-making in uncertain environments, applied natural language processing, methods of data science

Dr Toby Davies: network science, notions of 'place' in cyberspace, routine activities in cyberspace, financial crime, fraud

Dr Kevin Chetty: Indoor Sensing and Contextual Awareness using commodity WiFi and IoT Devices

Dr Enrico Mariconti: systems for cybersecurity, in particular the use of AI against malware and cybercrime

Dr Paul Gill: Risk assessment and management of cybercriminality, risk assessment and management of violent extremism, online radicalisation 

Prof Ruth Morgan: forensic science, digital evidence, VR/AR/AI/ML, interpretation of evidence.

The Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy

Prof Jeremy Watson: Infrastructure security, building systems security, and the Internet of Things

Prof Madeline Carr: Global politics of cybersecurity, international relations, power and innovation policy, cyberwar and cyber norms, national cyber security strategies, cyber risk assessment in boards, cyber security policy, Internet of Things

Dr Irina Brass: Standards and regulation of digital and telecommunications, cyber security, Internet of Things, connected autonomous vehicles

Dr Leonie Tanczer: Cybersecurity, emerging technologies, Internet of Things, gender and tech, tech abuse, mental health, hacking, hacktivism, censorship, surveillance

The Department of Physics

Prof Jonathan Oppenheim: quantum information theory, applications to secure communications, quantum computing

Prof Simone Severini: quantum computation, cryptography and security, quantum information theory

Dr Toby Cubitt: quantum computation, cryptography and security, quantum information theory

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Prof David Shipworth: energy security, smart metering, and smart grid infrastructure resilience