UCL Computer Science



Our multidisciplinary approach to research helps shed new light on scientific principles as well as enable creation of untapped interactive experiences and the exploration of their effects on users. This approach allows us to contribute to a broad range of fields through publications in specialised as well as more trans-disciplinary venues. In addition to publishing our work we actively explore impact realisation through patent licencing and start-ups.

Examples of our work include:

  • The use of acoustic phased arrays and metamaterials for creating acoustophoretic volumetric displays. These displays are used to create multimodal interactions combining visual, haptics and audio experiences.
  • Our novel olfactory interfaces and gustatory delivery devices that we use to explore immersive scent and taste experiences in a range of usage scenarios, from entertainment to healthcare applications.
  • Reconfigurable sound modulators that transform an incident audio field into any diffraction-limited acoustic field. Our principal approach to creating sound modulators is through the systematic exploration of reconfigurable acoustic metamaterials - an emerging class of engineered materials designed to control, direct, and manipulate audible and ultrasonic waves.

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOnxr9Ez_Kc

A tactile 3D display, created with sound 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcVxRyvipcU

Metamaterial bricks and quantization of meta-surfaces

Our research is primarily curiosity driven and we are supported by funding from a range of sources – including industry, charity and government sources. This includes the Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies that provides 10 years funding to explore emerging technologies around metamaterials, the European Research Council Grants for research in tactile, olfactory and gustatory interfaces and UKRI funding for explore interactive multisensory interfaces in arts and circular economy.